Sunday, 15 July 2007

Gang Culture is NOT Somali Culture

Almost two weeks ago I read a story in The Guardian on Kiyan Prince, a promising footballer, who was murdered by Hannad Hasan, a Somali refugee. My heart goes out to the parents of the late Kiyan.
The story contains the following paragraph:
" Hasan, a Somalian refugee, was reportedly obsessed with Somalian gang culture in the UK and was trying to impress members of the notorious Thug Fam who killed PC Sharon Beshenivsky, according to a source."
Why The Guardian used the adjective 'Somalian' to describe a gang culture that led to the murder of young boy is incomprehensible to me. The fact that the convicted is a Somali refugee does not warrant labelling a certain community. Gang culture is not things Somali, nor is attributable to any community. It is criminal activity.

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