Monday, 9 July 2007

GCSE Somali?

Somalis in the United Kingdom are eager to see Somali joining the rank of GCSE languages. The Somali lawyer, Asha Kin Dualeh, has recently made a strong case for a GCSE in Somali. “I would like to see Camden take a lead and lobby for GCSE courses in Somali,” Asha wrote in Camden New Journal. The head of a Camden school joined the campaign for a GCSE in Somali language.
While efforts to lobby for the introduction of a GCSE in Somali are laudable, a host of obstacles will have to be surmounted over:
1. Few Somali language schools
2. Low parental awareness about maintaining mother tongue for their children
3. Paucity of trained Somali language teachers and examiners
Somalis in UK can learn lessons from countries where Somali is taught in mainstream schools or as afterschool classes.

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